Dec 10, 2023

Background and Challenge

A leader in its segment in the automotive sector, RSB embarked on a multi-year journey to modernise their shared services; integrate data analytics and business intelligence; launch e-commerce channels; introduce customer facing apps and establish a loyalty and rewards program. RSB has a financial objective to maximise enterprise value over the next five years and a strategic objective to create digital moats and enter new markets. The business was in the process of approving the implementation of a new ERP system that would likely cost $750k and take two years to implement before real business value would accrue.

What We Did

PPT conducted a deep dive into the industry and the RSB business. We crafted an appropriate digital technology strategy aligned to long term business objectives and had this approved by the RSB board. PPT now acts as a trusted advisor to the CEO, deal advisor and incoming shareholder, where we balance long-term vision for the business with what is pragmatically possible from a technology perspective.

Results to Date

  • During our evaluation we determined that the proposed ERP was not required – saving the business $750k immediately, and enabling business accretive initiatives to be fast tracked.
  • We will launch e-commerce a year ahead of expectation, at 50% of the original
  • We have obtained committed capital expenditure of $3