Spur Corp

Dec 10, 2023

Background and Challenge

Spur Corp, a global restaurant operator with over 600 restaurants across 20 countries, recognised the need for a comprehensive eCommerce and loyalty solution for multiple brands. To achieve this, they undertook a full rewrite of their existing solutions, which required strategic oversight and a mature execution framework across internal and external teams, including developers, marketing, and operations.

In addition to this, Spur identified the need to revamp their IT operational function to support the business’s digital sales focus and drive sales through digital channels.

Our partnership with Spur helped them to achieve their objectives and drive business growth through digital channels. We continue to work with them to support their ongoing success.

What We Did

The Spur Technology executive team enlisted our services to manage the launch of their new technology architecture and customer apps across multiple brands. As a trusted management consultancy:

  • We took control of the project functions across various teams and formalized processes and procedures to execute effectively within the
  • We successfully matured the project function within the IT team to bring a well-defined and structured delivery focus to the multiple teams and external
  • This resulted in us being further engaged to take over the entire IT operational function inside of Spur Corp as a fully outsourced

Results to Date

By adopting our project framework and experience, we were able to deliver significant results to Spur, including

  • Revamping the project execution framework within the technology team
  • Launchingthe new technology stack and brand-specific apps to 3.5 million customers, servicing a growing membership base seeing over 150,000 new app downloads a month
  • successfullylaunching a pilot point-of-sale solution being tested across a major brand within the Spur

The positive results achieved by our team have resulted in Spur contracting us to provide program and project management services to the Spur Marketing team. We are proud to continue supporting Spur’s growth and success through our services and look forward to helping more businesses achieve similar outcomes.