Process Analysis

Efficient Business Growth

Our process analysis complements our business analysis methodology by focusing on the granular details of tasks performed by people or systems in your business. The interaction between your people and business systems is crucial for efficient growth.

We perform process analysis using detailed process maps that outline specific swim lanes. Each swim lane maps out key tasks performed by individual people, systems, and departments involved in a process. This allows us to identify every touchpoint in the process, understanding the critical timing, dependencies, and information flows.

Our process analysis informs the system architecture solutions we recommend. We overlay proposed solutions on the process maps to highlight dependencies, risks, and inefficiencies across impacted areas. This provides valuable insights into technology improvement opportunities and cost reductions, contributing to potential profitability gains for your business

Components of the Process Analysis


We conduct comprehensive interviews with all your key personnel involved in performing the various tasks identified in the analysis phase. This includes walking step-by-step through every action they take to carry out their tasks.

Process Mapping

We create detailed process maps based on analysing processes, tasks, and actions. Your team collaborates with us to develop the maps. The final Visio diagrams contain all required notations and specifics. We then present the maps for your sign-off, enabling full transparency and confidence in both the challenges and solutions.

Technology Identification

While mapping processes, we engage with various technology vendors to fully understand how their systems are intended to operate efficiently. We then reverse engineer the technology implementation in your environment to ascertain functionality, setup, architecture, integration potential, and previous unsuccessful attempts.

Technology Vendor Selection

The signed-off process maps serve as the foundation for solution implementation. They provide a baseline for collaborating with your team on project execution and creating vendor RFPs where needed.

Our Valued Clients

Blue Label Telecoms

A formal business process mapping approach was taken to gain a full understanding of critical business systems and manual tasks associated with a primary part of the business. The objective was to identify gaps in the process to empower their internal Business Process Improvement team to scope future projects aimed at reducing the risk of fraud and potential of errors in key tasks.


Our focus was on as-is process mapping of the client’s payment and reconciliation processes. This included manual activities performed by the finance teams and warehouse, together with detailed functional design of the ERP system’s role in ordering and payment processes. The outcome of this was a proposal for a redesigned architecture and integration of a new online payments and digital statements solution.

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