Dec 20, 2023

Background and Challenge
eCommerce Platform

A leading manufacturer and supplier of abrasives and accessories to the automotive, marine, woodworking, DIY, metal, aeronautical and composite industries offering complete solutions comprising of a broad range of competitively priced, quality products and value-added service that provides premium support. Bulldog Group wanted to remain competitive in the market and to do that, they made the decision to prioritise their digital strategy. To do this; they aligned with PPT Group to create an eCommerce Platform for their subsidiaries; Bulldog Abrasives, Y.E.S and RSB. The objective of this solution was to deploy an online channel that allowed customers to easily view and purchase products and services. To also provide real- time visibility of the full catalogue, stick availability, and specific customer pricing. Along with many additional benefits including increase in profitability.

What We Did

PPT Group did an in-depth analysis of the market and of Bulldog Group and put together a strategy for the implementation of the eCommerce platform that allowed for Bulldog to start seeing customer facing work happen sooner that included processes addressing ordering, stock availability, product catalogues, payments and delivery.

PPT was required to manage the build of this platform with a selected vendor once chosen. PPT Group went through an RFP process and once the software vendor was selected; aligned with the vendor and project managed the software implementation for the Bulldog Abrasives eCommerce Website, as it was the best subsidiary to start with and allowed for minimal work and cost involved once implementation began on Y.E.S and RSB.


Results to Date

  • Implementation of Product data integration, Payment Solution, Delivery Process and showcases of the Bulldog Abrasives eCommerce Website