Artificial Intelligence

Real-world Value adding solutions

We implement Artificial Intelligence to enhance business growth and optimize operational efficiency with practical, real-world applications.

Our expertise extends to machine learning, natural language processing, and predictive analytics, enabling us to develop and deploy concrete solutions that address and resolve actual business challenges.



We have Real-world experience in Deploying Artificial Intelligence into our Clients business

AI Strategy

AI Governance Framework

Large Language model deployment within a business unit

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AI Services

We’re constantly evolving to the fast changing landscape of artificial intelligence. Our team consists of experts from a wide field of business, technology and engineering dedicated to keeping abreast with advances. We bring a vast array of skills and expertise to your Business.

AI Workshop

We facilitate AI workshops with senior leadership and relevant departments and stakeholders to unpack and discuss your business challenges and desired outcomes. The workshop provides foundational AI concepts and principles enabling your team to better understand how you can use this emerging technology in your business.

Tailored AI Strategies

We don’t just implement AI; we integrate it into your business strategy, ensuring it aligns with your goals and delivers real value.

Expert Team

Our team of AI specialists brings together years of experience and a passion for innovation, ensuring that your AI solutions are in capable hands. Through our work with our clients we’ve worked with Google, Microsoft, Meta and most of the big players in this realm. 

Governance and AI Ethics

We are committed to responsible AI practices, we have developed a comprehensive governance framework ensuring our solutions are transparent, fair, and respect user and data privacy.

At PPT, we adopt an approach that blends interactive workshops with dynamic sprint cycles to drive our projects.

Here’s how it typically works:

First, we conduct a workshop.

The purpose of this initial phase is to lay down a solid strategy that’s in line with the company’s business goals, and pinpoints specific use cases where AI can make a real difference.

Once we have the strategy and objectives in place, we break down the project into 6-week segments, known as sprint cycles.

During each sprint, the team focuses on delivering a specific piece of the project. It’s like a short, concentrated burst of activity where we create, test, and refine a part of the overall project.

Because some projects are bigger or more complex than others, we might need to run several of these sprint cycles to get to the finish line. The number of sprints depends on how big the project is and what it involves.

This way, no matter the project’s size or complexity, PPT ensures steady progress and delivers quality results every few weeks.

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