Business Analysis

An in-depth analysis of critical functional areas

At PPT, we know that a thorough understanding of your business environment is essential for accurately identifying challenges and developing pragmatic solutions. That is why we conduct an in-depth analysis of critical functional areas of your business to gain a comprehensive understanding of your specific environment.


Our collaborative approach to analyzing your business challenges allows for more productive engagements with your key stakeholders. This approach ensures a more holistic analysis, enabling us to create detailed gap analysis and process mapping once we have identified and fully understood your specific challenges.

This ensures you have a comprehensive view of the challenges across all impacted business processes. As a result, the scope of solutions we present is considered in the context of the entire business, enabling more informed decisions in tackling the challenges. With our comprehensive approach to business analysis, we can provide pragmatic solutions that drive true business value.

Components of the business analysis

Business analysis is relevant both at the inception of projects and throughout the implementation phase to ensure we are always delivering value to our clients.

Business Challenges Workshop

To gain a comprehensive understanding of your business challenges and desired outcomes, we will facilitate a workshop with your senior leadership team. This interactive session serves as a valuable platform for unpacking and discussing various aspects of your business. This open exchange of ideas and insights will enable us to define the specific outcomes you aspire to achieve.

Functional Division Analysis

Key members of our team will spend time with all appropriate divisional heads in your business to investigate all challenges at the coalface to gain an in-depth understanding of the challenges and how these play out on the ground for the business. This phase enables us to draw up a high level process and system architecture incorporating people, processes and technology.


Solution Proposals

Detailed solutions are designed and curated based on the investigations, engagements and analyses of the relevant business areas.


Project Execution Analysis

The proposed solutions are then stress-tested using our methodical approach to programme management and project execution. Detailed as-is and to-be processes are defined in collaboration with your key stakeholders. We also define specific project critical inputs and outputs for every task required to successfully implement the proposed solutions. This ensures all stakeholders are aligned in terms of responsibilities and accountabilities throughout the project.


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